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Prevent Tech Neck Wrinkles

Tech neck” is the pain and wrinkles that affect your neck thanks to all the time spent on the phone and computer.

As you bend your neck to use the phone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device creased in the neck form and deepen over time.

Though neck wrinkles are normal as you age, they occur earlier when you have bad posture while using technology. The wrinkles appear because the skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on your face. More like the skin around your eyes and this means that when you lean your head forward you are stretching the skin on your neck. The skin doesn’t bounce back and tends to crease.

To prevent these wrinkles from appearing, it is necessary that we have good posture while sitting and standing. In addition, we should be very careful to be actively in good posture while using our mobile devices. This means that our head it to be aligned with our neck which is aligned with our spine. Push the chest forward a bit, lift the chin so that is it parallel to the ground and straighten the back so that the shoulder blades are slightly in line with the hips. You will feel the muscles in your back and neck ease as you slip into a good posture. Now the trick is to keep that good posture throughout the day. Slouching, hunching over mobile devices, and leaning your head forward so that your chin is an inch or so away from your chest will increase the neck wrinkles and muscle tension in your body.

If you currently have neck wrinkles, improve your posture now to prevent them from getting worse. And, know that there are a number of ways to reduce these wrinkles, with lasers and injectables like Botox being a few. A less expensive and easier way is to have a proper skincare routine. A good routine would be to gently exfoliate your neck and upper chest area once a week, followed by a moisturizing mask and a retinol serum, then finished off with a targeted cream made specifically for the neck. Interestingly enough, the way we apply the products can make a difference. It is recommended that we begin at the upper chest, work our way up to the jawline with two hands in a firm upward motion, all the way to the back of the neck. This way we get all of the neck skin.

Kimberly Nielsen

Posture Expert

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA #75533

350 Treemonte Dr., Orange City, FL 32763

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