4 Positive-Thinking Methods that Help to Reduce Your Stress

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be able to roll with the punches and stay optimistic despite their circumstances, whereas others are pessimists and experience more difficulty coping?

What is it that makes some people withstand life's circumstances and resultant stress better than others around them?

One of the biggest differences is how they think about and perceive the situation.

It helps to learn to put a positive spin on things and apply some positive-thinking methods to situations that come up.

Here are 4 positive-thinking methods that can help you reduce your stress in your everyday and work life:

  • Try to Find the Positive in Every Situation

  • If your best friend/neighbor is moving, you can choose to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, try to think of it from a positive angle. For example, this may be a great opportunity to meet a new neighbor, who could also become a very good friend of yours. Or perhaps the new neighbor will have children that are the same ages as yours.

  • Try to Find Something Positive About Every Person

  • No one is perfect. You're not perfect either. Therefore, learn to develop a tolerance for others by looking for the good in other people instead of only their faults. Doing so can lessen your frustration with others, as well as the stress that can result.

  • Don't Perform Negative Self-Talk

  • Our heads are filled with thoughts all day. Listen to your thoughts to determine if you routinely think negative or positive thoughts.

  • Examples of negative self-talk include: “You can't do that,” “That's too hard,” “You're not smart enough.”

  • Examples of positive self-talk include: “I can try that,” “I can figure it out,” “I'm smart so I know I can do this.”

  • Learn to recognize and stop negative self-talk, and replace it with positive self-talk. It may take a bit of getting used to, but having more positive thoughts will lead to a more positive attitude. As a result, it just becomes easier to handle things and stress is lessened.

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People

  • Have you ever found yourself feeling emotionally drained after spending time with a negative person? Or perhaps you are the negative person who is draining those around you. In either case, it helps to spend time with people who are positive and optimistic, and to follow suit. It is not that these people have no problems in their lives; they just choose to make the best out of the situations that come their ways. It's just like that saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

In conclusion, implementing positive-thinking methods can go a long way to reducing the stress in your life.

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