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Is Tech Neck Reversible?

Tech neck is simply the soreness you feel in your neck when you’ve spent too much time looking down at your mobile device. More than just soreness, you may be experiencing actual pain in your neck and upper back. It’s become more common now that smartphones and tablets are used by more people around the world. The soreness and pain can become chronic if not treated, and sometimes require the help of a medical professional and physical therapy.

It can be reversed!

Before it becomes medically necessary to feel relief, you can do a few things yourself to reverse “tech-neck” and the symptoms. These include:

Limit your device usage. It really is that simple. Be aware of how much time you’ve been spending on your device and make a point of setting it aside for a few hours.


Take micro-breaks. Set an alarm on your device for every hour and when it goes off, set the device down and walk away. Take a micro-break of 1-2 minutes. Stretch your body and give your neck a break.


Bruegger’s. This is an exercise you can do during each break you take. Sit at the edge of your seat. Spread your legs hip wide and turn your feet out at a 45-degree angle. Let your arms hang loosely at your side. Have your palms facing forward. Sit up straight in a neutral position (neither leaning forward or backward). Tilt your head back so it is directly over your shoulders (align your head with your neck with your spine). Take 5 deep breaths, slowly inhaling and slowly exhaling. Repeat as needed. Doing this every hour for 1-2 minutes should provide great relief. Make it a habit and you should stop the “tech neck” symptoms.

Neck stretches. Start by relaxing your shoulders and lightly holding on to your thighs or your chair. Tilt your head toward your left shoulder and hold for 15 seconds. Use your hand to gently pull your head toward your shoulder. Let the weight of your head stretch your muscles. Repeat 2 to 4 times toward each shoulder.

Diagonal neck stretch. Turn your head in the direction toward your right. Tilt your head down toward your chest while on a diagonal and hold for 15 seconds. Keep your breathing steady. Do the same as you look toward your left. Repeat 2 to 4 times each side.

Use a Cervical Roll. The neck naturally has a C-shaped curve and it can be flattened or reversed by “tech neck”. A cervical roll is a simple way to get the curve back. Take a small hand towel and roll it lengthwise. Rubber band or tape it to keep the roll tight. Lay on your back on a flat surface and place the roll at the base of your neck. Don’t put it under your head. Relax and rest on the roll for 15 minutes a day.

Get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments help restore normal joint and skeletal functions, relieving and eliminating muscle tension. Getting a neck adjustment is a simple treatment that will help reverse the effects of “tech neck”.

Kimberly Nielsen

Posture Expert

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA #75533

350 Treemonte Dr., Orange City, FL 32763

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