Are you tired of being tired?

Do you ache at the end of a long day?

Your back hurts... 

You feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders...

 We can help.​ 

We, at Shyft, are firm believers that chronic pain and discomfort can be tied to your posture.  We stand and sit in habitual patterns, simply because that's what our body recognizes as "normal".  It's time to reprogram your NEW "normal".
  • Work with employees to correct their standing and seated working postures.​
  • Develop classes for employees to offset repetitive motions.
  • Create stretch and release programs for your office.
Let's evaluate your workplace environment and discuss your company's needs.
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The answers you seek come not when the mind is busy,

they come when the mind is still.

-Author Unknow

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