Do you frequently feel tense & stuck with uncomfortable pain?

Do you suffer from unbearable stress?

Deep Tissue Bodywork is what you're looking for.


Deep Tissue Bodywork loosens up tight muscle clusters and heals tension within your body. 

The movement of the massage is much slower.

But the focus is on the pressure is deeper and concentrated on specific areas of tension and pain.

This is how the connective tissue around your muscles can be broken up and released.

Once relaxed, your body can begin to heal and restore the muscles to full strength.



Without sleep our cognitive functions begin to fail.  We make poor decisions.  

Our immune system breaks down.

Our temperment, our tolerance, our patience wears thin.

The exhaustion is REAL.

Deep Tissue bodywork allows you to UNLOAD THE STRESS.  

Relax and prepare for sleep.

If you don't rest on purpose, your body will break down and illness will set in, just to force you to slow down.

That's apart of the reason I started this practice. 

Over the course of a few sessions, the body's muscles begin to heal and go back into their natural position. 

This allows you to be able to think clearly.

It's extremely important to take care of yourself and to not ignore the signs your body gives you.

A happier body is a happier you.

And you deserve a happier you.


They include the following:


  1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

  2. Treats Back Pain

  3. Helps Arthritis Pain/Symptoms

  4. Muscle Rehab 

  5. Breaks Down Scar Tissue

  6. Relieves Stress

  7. Increase Joint Mobility

  8. Reduces Chronic Pain

The WEIGHT of the WORLD is on your SHOULDERS...

Family, Bills, Career, Investors, Employees, Health

Take a load off at shYft.  

Deep Tissue Bodywork: It's no longer a luxury, it's a sanity check.


One of my first clients was a lady named Susan.

Susan was dealing with an immense amount of stress. Her family was falling apart, her long time employer had recently changed ownership and the new management seemed hell bent on replacing everyone.  The new management was toxic and filled with falsely manufactured drama.  She was a hard worker, ambitious, and driven.

But she was on the verge of a meltdown... 

That was, until we met for the first time. After discussing with her what she was going through I knew I what she needed. 


Her body was unable to let go and unwind from the constant looking over her shoulder and emotionally trying to protect herself.  That stress was so locked up in her body that she could barely think straight.

While working on her, I noticed that alot of her mid back and abdominal muscles were very tense and tight. It was a wonder she was even able to breathe.  Slowly we began unraveling the body back into place. 

After her 1st deep tissue massage session, she felt a little better. But the stress didn't just "go away" immediately.

After the 2nd session, she told me she could begin to think clearly because an put some emotional perspective into the situation.

After the 3rd session, she felt brand new. She walked out smiling because all of those locked-up muscles, were really beginning to heal.

Now she's a regular and I keep her in tip-top shape. And she's found a new employer and is back to enjoying life again!


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"Everything about their service is of highest quality, and Kim resolves all of my aches and pains!"

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"Awesome as ever...."

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"Every massage with Kimberly is a precious gift! Her skills are top notch. She is a also generous and kind person with a sweet spirit."

Susan, Nov. 2018

Robert, Oct. 2018

Jan, Nov. 2018

Monique, Nov. 2018