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Your Body Thanks you!


Download your POSTURE CHECKLIST by clicking the link shown.  We encourage you do incorporate as many of the suggestions as you are able.  Remember, it is a process.  You will not remember to do everything at all times.  Don't beat yourself up.  By making corrections every time you catch yourself, your body will start to create new habits, and you will begin to find long lasting improvements.

As a GIFT to you, I have also included a coupon for 25% OFF your next Deep Tissue Massage session.​  Just follow the link provided to cash in and start to make lasting change.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

shYft, LLC.

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180 Treemonte Dr.

Orange City, FL  32763
Tel: 386-846-8666

shYft, LLC.

(inside Nuwati Bodywork Education Center, MM# 32528)

190 Treemonte Dr.

Ornage City, FL  32763
Tel: 386-846-8666

CORE Sports Bodywork

Using deep structural work focusing on what your body needs. Our goal is to improve function and give you the edge over your competition. Through deep structural bodywork, we will release locked muscles and create length throughout the body.